Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 10/31/07

At first, my daughter did not want to go near those ghost decorations. I had to go touch them myself to show her they are not ghost but only decorations. Finally, she willing to stood a little bit closer to them. Here is the picture.P.S. There was a magnitude 5.6 earthquake hit when we were watching channel 7 Charles Brown Peanut cartoon last night. All of a sudden, we felt a shake in the house. My daughter asked me, “What is it?”. I said,” Don’t worry . It’s a earthquake.” Nothing fell down. Only the tv set was staking on the shelf. We’re going to move that shelf to somewhere else today definitely .


Wyldth1ng said...

It most certainly was a ghost!

sfhousewife said...

Ha,ha,ha......You are fuuny!