Tuesday, November 6, 2007

An open letter to our Mayor

Mr. Mayor Newsom:
I knew by the time you read this letter. You properly won the election already. Congratulation! As I mentioned it before, the parking fee costs us arms and legs at down town. We take Muni buses to down town very often. But obviously this system is not working very well. There are some routes have too few buses for too many passengers. And on the other hand, some routes are opposite. Let’s take #38 bus as an example (This picture was took at Union Square by2:56pm 10/09/07). The buses were full during most of the day on both directions. People wait at the bus stop for long period of time. And the eastbound #31 bus has a lot of empty seats before get into the down town area during the off peak hour. Mr. Mayor, please find some smart persons to manage Muni. And help the crowd who are waiting at the bus stop everyday.

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