Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My dearest grandmother

This picture was take in 1995, during my grandmother’s visit in San Francisco. She passed away in 2001, she used to tell me stories about the good old days and the not good old days. After she gave birth to my father 7 days, the Japanese invasion had begun. My grandparent had no choice, they had to give up all their properties and left for Hong Kong. They took train which was very crowded , on the way they had to jump out of the train when they heard the air raid siren, and even jump into the river for hiding, that’s how she got sick when they arrived Hong Kong. They tried every doctor they could find, she could not nurse the baby, had to let a servant to took care my father. Later, they were introduced by friend that there was a medicine wine which made of baby mice, which would cure my grandmother……to be continue.

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