Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Irish Oatmeal

We had three cans of this thing in the kitchen cabinet for long time. Yesterday, I was in a hurry try to cook something for afternoon snack. I pull some of it in the sauce pan without looking closely. But when it’s time to turn off the heat I found that the stuff inside the sauce pan was not oatmeal. It was bird seed. Somebody had been using the same can for bird seed container. Gosh……after I put milk and sugar in it. Well! I’m not going to waste my food. We will go feed the ducks.
愛爾蘭麥皮我們有三罐這種東西在廚櫃已有一段日子,昨天忙中我想找點東西來吃,便倒一些入小鍋內煮,當放入沙糖及奶後才發現煮的不似麥皮,再打開那罐來看才知原來是雀栗, 鬼整! 誰人用同一個罐來盛雀栗? ↑這才是真品 ↑鮮奶雀栗 我是不會浪費食物的, 吃完之後去餵鴨子。
↑ Bird seed
↑ Oatmeal
↑ Bird seed


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