Friday, August 1, 2008

Three years old girl

Fanny was the birthday girl last month. I made all the cake for everyone when it's their birthday. This time just like usual, I used cake mix. It’s quick and easy. Just add water, oil and eggs. Max well and then pop it into the oven with 350 degrees for a hour or so, that's it.
Fanny was so excited when she saw the cake, it had her name on it, the name made out of dry fruits. Does anyone think that this room is kind of dark? It was because during the day, Daddy said that it would be better had the windows cover up when Fanny blew the candles.
Look at Evelyn, does she look like a cake mix commercial star?
Fanny has been waiting for 364days in the unbirthdays. Now, she finally had her cake. Here is a video of an unbirthday tea party of Alice in Wonderland.

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