Friday, December 19, 2008

Going Home On Foot

This is the famous hall stairs , I remember there was a scene on TV that buns of protesters were chase away by the guards who are using water cannon. Evelyn ran up stair when she saw the Christmas tree. ↓

There was a person hanging up the paper cranes. She looked like a transgender to me. I was not sure ↓
but she was very nice, she even let us hold up a paper crane for the picture.↓
The lighting of City Hall.↓
Everybody was tired, we rested our feet by sitting on the floor. ↓
But Evelyn was not resting, she wanted to dance on that big rug with her bare feet, just like those gymnasts she saw on TV. Of cause it’s not gonna happen when I was there.↓
And when it’s time for us to leave the City Hall, it’s already getting dark. That’s reminding me a movie— I am Legend. ↓
John and Evelyn kept complaining about their feet, so we changed the route ,took a different way. We found a place right outside a supermarket to sit down for a while. ↓
It’s because we went back on a different route so we got to see the old tree in the park, it was decorated for the Christmas. ↓
The kid forgot about they were tired, climb up to the train right a way.↓
It’s not far from our nice warm home, so everyone was in a high spirit when we finish walking the last half of a mile. The end.

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