Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Long March

We had to take care some business at the City Hall the other day, so daddy decided we all take a walk to downtown.
That’s right. A walk, a long one. The route is 3.3 miles long. We left the house by 3pm, and everybody was excited for the walk.
First, we went along Turk St, it’s an up hill climb and when we reach the top , we saw a lot of students leaving the SFU campus .
The houses are on Turk St.We are going down hill now.
This is a public housing that most of the residents are black.
There were two police stations along Turk St. It made me feel safe.
We saw a Christmas tree market but it seems did not have too much business during this season.
Look, guess what, John’s complaining about his sore feet. Poor kid, the shoe lace were too tight, I had to loosen them up.
Ha, we’ve got to downtown Van Ness Ave finally.

City Hall is right across the street,
Handicap ramp, how handy!
Let’s get in.
The sculptures are on the outside wall of City Hall.
To be continue….

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