Thursday, December 18, 2008

San Francisco City Hall

Here we go, the whole group got into the entrance. The security guard frowned at us because we had two big backpacks. We needed to go through the metal detector one by one. That’s including the children.Daddy was the last one to pass because he set off the alert twice, and he’s still in the mood joking about all the metal detectors don’t like him.
We were going to this department.
Wow, lots of people standing in the line,
when daddy and Fanny were waiting, we went around the City Hall to see things.
This is the side lobby, they’ve put some interesting items here.
Look at his impression. John thought this is a baby jail, he was worry that someone might lock him inside.
And then we walked around and seeing things.
The area behind her is the main stair way.
The tall ceiling makes the City Hall look so stunning.
To be contiue...

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