Monday, January 12, 2009


24 is the antiterrorism TV show of Fox. I’ve only seen the first season on line two months ago, but I like the concept of one episode represents one hour of real time thing, total 24 hours that the crisis was happening. The screenwriters are trying to bring up some messages for American people in this season. First of all, it’s the male heroism, it takes guys to protect this country, all the female characters are either bad guys or drop dead like flies. (Although I don’t agree with it) Second of it, we could have an honest black guy to be our president (keep dreaming, no politicians are honest). And don’t forget they made the first season eight years ago. Third of it, the writers are warning the young people that you should think twice before you do anything stupid. The consequence could be lethal. I hope that people will get them. I think I’m going to watch the 7th season on TV first (There is a female president in it) because we’ve just bought a digital converter box for the high definition TV.

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