Thursday, January 22, 2009

Returning goods

You can take a lot of advantage when you being a consumer in this country. I did not say that is bad, but sometimes people are very stingy, they return things that are after being use and the merchants can not refuse, because of the law. I’ve witnessed that there was a lady who was driving a Mercedes, she wanted to return goods after she parked her car in their parking lot for a prior of time, (It’s very difficult to find parking spot in San Francisco) obviously she was shopping around in the near by stores. But unfortunately, the store refused her request because she bought dairy product. See how people are even they are driving a decent car. And talking about shopping, my husband bought two 350G hard drives last week, which are totally useless to us because you need to reload everything in the computer when you install a new hard drive. And we just don’t have that kind of time, but he’s not going to return them because he doesn’t want to. I guess we will keep the two hard drives.

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