Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shaolin Monk

He is Master Yang. We strolled down Geary Blvd on the other day, I found a place which had some martial art weapons behind the windows, it draw my attention so I took some pictures for Evelyn from outside the windows but there was a monk opened up the door and step out to greeted us. He even invited us to get inside for a look. We were so grad that we could go inside had a look for ourselves. There were three Baddish statues by the wall and some big glasses hanging from ceiling to the floor and rubber flooring, I suppose that’s for practicing kung fu. And I took the opportunity to ask the monk to have picture with my children and he even posted a martial art post for me. We all cheered for that. And there was a lady handed me some leaflets. They are teaching kung fu to the public, class fee is quite reasonable.

Kung Fu Fighting - Cee-Lo

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