Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hearty Paws

Evelyn is a very cheerful girl, but sometimes she would become sad after seeing sad movies. Last night, we picked a Korean movie DVD from the box which sent by the Hong Kong relatives to watch. It had kids and dogs on the label, I thought it must be a comedy, but it turn out to be a tragedy, Evelyn could not take it, she cried and cover up her head under the quilt. Tell you the truth, sometimes I just forgot she’s only 5 years old. The sad story in the film was too much for her. All of a sudden, she could not handle the emotion. I had to explain to her it’s only acting, make believe. And later on that night, after she calm down, she told me, “Mama, please don’t show me that movie again!” I was there thinking that last year she cried a little bit when she saw Cinderella, but after she’d seen it dozen times, she seems immune of the sad part. I guess they will grow up and get used to it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT7N-6yh4IA&feature=PlayList&p=C327796BD91A0E53&index=0

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