Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rosy Business

I’ve found this Hong Kong TV show very interesting. It’s a story about a heroine who lived in Qing Dynasty. She married to a man who already had three wives, and she had to adjust into this big family and later on she fell for a guy who was a criminal. That’s create a lot of tension within the family. During this time China was not a stable country because of the Taiping Rebellion and other natural disasters, people were starving. The woman tried to help feeding the people, and at the same time the family also falling apart.
I’m impress by the way the Hong Kong TVB making this show. The production has world class standard. From filming to the set and clothing had improved much more than two three decades ago. If they would put English subtitle on it, it will draw the world audients. I’m sick and tired of the US TV nowadays. They only have murder dreamers and stupid comedies, too much violent and low class jokes. This Hong Kong TV shows could be a fresh breath of air to the US audients.

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