Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael’s Memorial

I would not write the detail of it today. You can read it in any media. It is the feeling of mine after seeing it that I am going to write. How come good fathers always die early? I certainly don’t know Michael Jackson personally but through the reaction of his daughter yesterday, I bet he was a very good and kind human being. He was a loving, caring, unselfish and playful father. The lost of the kids is not reversible. All I see is that the kids will have uncles and aunts who will love and care for them from now on. That’s a little comfort for me. God bless Michael Jackson’s kids.
近來很忙,今天就抽少少時間出來打這篇Blog。昨天一打開亙聯網, 主頁MSN寫著, 『現塲直播米高積遜的追思大會』,立即點擊來看, 一開始已是波姬小絲的感人記述, 她說:『米高是她的童年密友, 鏡頭下他們可以玩得像一般小朋友般, 而米高最喜歡的一首歌, 不是他的名曲, 而是差利卓別零所寫的電影摩登時代主題曲微笑, 歌詞是 ‘儘管你的心是痛, 仍然保持微笑。』看到她面容扭曲强忍淚水, 無不令人動容, 另一段感人的是德州眾議員京的演說, 她大大聲地讀出美國憲法, ‘在定罪前, 人人是清白的。’ 表明對米高的支持, 現塲即時掌聲雷動。最後, 米高的家人安排, 米高的小女兒出來說話, 她說:『Daddy,我愛你!』後泣不成聲, 米高是一位好爸爸盡在不言中,這時我已用了兩包紙巾。 (寫在美國三藩市)

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