Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Birth

If you had read my profile then you will know I have four kids. Three of them were born at home. My oldest son was the only one that born in the hospital. That’s because I was anxious and lack of information about giving birth. And I broke the water 3 weeks earlier than we expected. After laid in bed at home for 36 hours, I ended up in the emergency room. They gave me drug for induction to speed up the birth. It did not take me long to push. I still remember what my oldest son went through after the delivery. They showed him to me for a peek then took him away for testing right after delivery. It was few hours later until I could get to breastfeed him. And then they needed more time to observed him, he had to stay in the hospital for another 24 hours. I could only visited him at the new born ward and breastfed him there. I still feel sorry for him even now. That’s why I chose to give birth to my other kids at home. I prefer having unmediated labor and deliveries. It was because I had confident that I could handle it. My babies did not need to be drug. And of course, if there were mistakes occurred, the hospitals are not far from my home. There are few points I want to mention to new moms. Stay up right and walk during the labor will help the delivery become smoother. Also have some herb tea for relaxation. And try to empty out the bowel and bladder between the contractions. I guarantee you that you will get the reward after all these pain and exhaustion. That would be the baby laying in your arm.

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