Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chinese Readers

My Chinese blog's viewing numbers are really taking off lately. And I have to admit that I have forgotten the English blog pals. But hey, when I look at this blog , I have to say, 'Oh well, I have to write some more English stuff.' You know when I read my Chinese blog pals stuff more , I tend to think about things in Chinese way more. Sometimes when I want to say something to my kids, I almost say it in Chinese, and when I look at their half Chinese and half American faces, all of a sudden I realize that I am on the wrong channel. That's feeling is quite hilarious. Maybe I should teach them to speak Chinese too. Why have I not to do so,? That's because I always think that we live in the America we don't speak Chinese that often, unless someday them might need to work with Chinese people or require by their employer to speak Chinese. Anyway, so far I still think they should learn English as their first language.

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