Saturday, May 15, 2010

Used Car Market

If you live in San Francisco you will know the situation of parking here. Since our step van has been towed away, we have a parking spot in front of our house. It is a small space which only can fit one small car. If anyone park their big car there. It will be blocking our drive way. Therefore sometimes I see people are scratching their head when they parking their big car. It is a quite funny moment that I almost want to take picture of them. After few months without a vehicle in the family, now I think it's time for us to search for another car. I have been looking at Craigslist for weeks. There are a lot of choices of cheap used cars. some are sale by private parties some are from dealers. I only want the car which is from private party, that's because they are cheaper but sometimes the car that I like is located far away and I don't wanna go too far. But sometimes when the car is near , the sellers won't reply their email or phone call. Or even say the car was sold. Is it mean when economy is bad the good old cars are being sold fast?

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