Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 2010

           (I'm writing in a very noisy environment.So forgive me if I have any writing errors in this post. )  We have been going to a lot of places this month compare to average month. First, we went to City College  for an owl lecture which arrange by Mrs G, but unfortunately, we went on a wrong day,so we had to go back three days later, my kids thought it was  a nice car ride though. And in the same day, it was the free day for The Conservatory of Flowers. Therefore we were there too. We saw Mrs G and her daughter. Well ,actually, it was a field trip day. we got it all mix up. Poor me. And three days later, we went to the owl lecture, we were sitting with bunch of college students. even some moms and little kids were there. Why? It was because it is open to the public . The guy who did the presentation was Mr so and so. I heard he works in the planning department. How handy, he can decide which place could save for his owl. Just kidding. Oh well , I have learned some new things about owl that day but not my son, he's read all the books about owl from the library before that. And when the lecture was over ,we got to be introduce to Mrs G's son. That's the first time we met him. He's also a teacher in the City College. And after that, I suggested that we go to the cemetery for sweeping my Grandma's grave, because it's the time of the year the Chinese people do that. And after that we ate our lunch right there. Maybe you feel weird, but not me, it's a tradition of Chinese. At the end I was very touching when I saw Evelyn looking at the tomb stone quietly.

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