Thursday, August 8, 2013

CPS Take Away Blogger's Children

         It has been 17 months since my children were removed from my home. The initial reason was that CPS think my house has a lot of junk. I was so surprise they took my children. I thought if I worked hard I would get them back. After 2 months of effort , I clean out the whole house, CPS said I was very cooperated.  But they said there were some other issues. It went on and on for 17 months now.
        CPS said all the family members have some kind of behavior issues. I feel like being pick on, I mean , nobody is perfect, what is CPS expecting for a family act like? Children never argue? Parents never make mistakes?
        The kids are getting very frustrated. We all losing hope , we think our voices are suppressed. The kids are  not allow to talk about how they are living now. The children are caught in the middle. It is not healthy to the children. CPS is only protecting the foster mom, even some red flags have gone up which noticed by the service providers. But the social worker is threatening will not return the children.
        I am not asking too much. I just want what best for the children which is let them come home. Human Service Agency should have humanity.

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