Friday, November 1, 2013

The San Francisco West City Target Store

       Well, since the kids don't live with me anymore, I have found a way to distract myself which is cleaning the house. But no one will pay me  for doing it. I found that if I had a job, then I would get pay for doing it to spend my leisure time. Recently, there is a Target store had open in my neighborhood. I went up there two months ago when they had a job fair. I filled up an application and got an interview right away. They liked me and hired me. Therefore, I became a Target employee. The job was an entry level position but I enjoy being employed. It made me feel like I am still useful. That gave me an identity beside being a housewife.So, I worked very hard , tried to please the company. I have seen a lot of new things in this US working environment. Humor me, it was my first job in USA. Target store does want to take care its employee in many different ways ,things like free snacks free , big break room (but small locker for short time storage).   Co-workers were courteous to each other, that made me feel like home.
      But, big corporation still has its cold sides, sometimes they overlook human kindness. Small things like when employees had major changes in their lives. They do want to change work schedule. But, after someone had tried talk to several leaders in the team, the employee still did not get an answer. Finally, it ended up, that employee had to resign.
   Tell you the truth, I personally would not shop in Target store. It is because I, as an honest person would have to pay for other dishonest people who are shop thieving in the store. Believe me, I had seen a lot of thieves. And when the alarm went off, nobody care. It is so easy to walk off with things without paying.
    But, I as a Catholic, I keep the seventh commandment---- Do Not Steal.      

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