Friday, December 20, 2013

We Are Starting To See The Light

As I said, my children were took away from me 21 months ago due to some family Issues. We had gone through this ordeal, finally we were told that we are OK to reunion. In the past 21 months, I have found there was a place that it would open its door to anyone who are in despair, anyone who is almost jump off the cliff ,this place has someone in it , someone would listen to you, and console you. That is St Ignatius Church of San Francisco. I always believe that church is the place for despairing people. And I was right. I had found the right place, I had found my believe. That is Catholic Church. Every times when I look at Jesus's picture, that remind me how God loves us. And when we are busy making living, we forget love. We need reminders constantly that we need love and to love. It is because without love, we are nothing. Merry Christmas.

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