Monday, December 29, 2008

My first born son’s 10th birthday

It makes me feel like yesterday when I’m thinking back, it happened on a Christmas season night ten years ago. The night just liked the other Christmas season night, it was cold. But amazing thing was about to happen! My first born child was going to be born. It gave my husband and I a big surprise. That’s because the baby arrived three weeks earlier. After 36 hours of labor, I finally held Julius in my arms. All the pain was nothing to me at this moment.

Julius was four months old at that time.
We all sang the Happy Birthday song.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Going Home On Foot

This is the famous hall stairs , I remember there was a scene on TV that buns of protesters were chase away by the guards who are using water cannon. Evelyn ran up stair when she saw the Christmas tree. ↓

There was a person hanging up the paper cranes. She looked like a transgender to me. I was not sure ↓
but she was very nice, she even let us hold up a paper crane for the picture.↓
The lighting of City Hall.↓
Everybody was tired, we rested our feet by sitting on the floor. ↓
But Evelyn was not resting, she wanted to dance on that big rug with her bare feet, just like those gymnasts she saw on TV. Of cause it’s not gonna happen when I was there.↓
And when it’s time for us to leave the City Hall, it’s already getting dark. That’s reminding me a movie— I am Legend. ↓
John and Evelyn kept complaining about their feet, so we changed the route ,took a different way. We found a place right outside a supermarket to sit down for a while. ↓
It’s because we went back on a different route so we got to see the old tree in the park, it was decorated for the Christmas. ↓
The kid forgot about they were tired, climb up to the train right a way.↓
It’s not far from our nice warm home, so everyone was in a high spirit when we finish walking the last half of a mile. The end.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

San Francisco City Hall

Here we go, the whole group got into the entrance. The security guard frowned at us because we had two big backpacks. We needed to go through the metal detector one by one. That’s including the children.Daddy was the last one to pass because he set off the alert twice, and he’s still in the mood joking about all the metal detectors don’t like him.
We were going to this department.
Wow, lots of people standing in the line,
when daddy and Fanny were waiting, we went around the City Hall to see things.
This is the side lobby, they’ve put some interesting items here.
Look at his impression. John thought this is a baby jail, he was worry that someone might lock him inside.
And then we walked around and seeing things.
The area behind her is the main stair way.
The tall ceiling makes the City Hall look so stunning.
To be contiue...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Long March

We had to take care some business at the City Hall the other day, so daddy decided we all take a walk to downtown.
That’s right. A walk, a long one. The route is 3.3 miles long. We left the house by 3pm, and everybody was excited for the walk.
First, we went along Turk St, it’s an up hill climb and when we reach the top , we saw a lot of students leaving the SFU campus .
The houses are on Turk St.We are going down hill now.
This is a public housing that most of the residents are black.
There were two police stations along Turk St. It made me feel safe.
We saw a Christmas tree market but it seems did not have too much business during this season.
Look, guess what, John’s complaining about his sore feet. Poor kid, the shoe lace were too tight, I had to loosen them up.
Ha, we’ve got to downtown Van Ness Ave finally.

City Hall is right across the street,
Handicap ramp, how handy!
Let’s get in.
The sculptures are on the outside wall of City Hall.
To be continue….

Monday, December 15, 2008

President Bush has good reflexes

I must say, President Bust still in good sharp. Did you see how fast those shoes flying toward him? If I were the one being attack. Gosh, I've properly got hit in the face. President Bush is a baby boomer, just like many Americans, stay healthy and live long. By the way, those shoes must worth a lot more than before now.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brothers and sisters

This picture was taken when we finished playing basketball and was on the way home on Geary Blvd. Everybody has red faces. Let’s take a few sips from the bottle first.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know, dear! How much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away.You Are My Sunshine - Elizabeth Mitchell

Monday, December 8, 2008

Megan’s Cyber Bully Case

This news has been widely spreading in the US media, including the Good Morning America, Dr Phil, Dr Laura…etc. It caught my attention because the victim was a 13 years old girl and the convicted individual is a 49 years old female. The motive for committed such crime was that the older woman wanted revenge for her suspicion of the young girl had said something bad about her daughter. It ended up the young girl committed suicide. I say that old woman is the most wicked evil person who'd had ever live on earth. How can she sleep at night?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ross Playground

This is the Ross Playground in San Francisco. It has a base ball field in it. My daughter loves doing exercise there.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brand New Skirt

It’s been sitting in the bottom of the drawer since my Hong Kong relatives came to visit us 3 years ago. I totally forgot about it until I was cleaning up the drawer on the other day. I got it out and put it on Fanny immediately. It fit her just right. And we went out later that day, she’s still wearing it.
Picture of 3 years ago, from the left Cousin S, Aunt Katie, Baby Fanny, Uncle Patrick and Cousin A Mistletoe - Colbie Caillat