Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Catch Up Posts

Alright, I know I haven't been updating the blog for almost a month. But I was really busy lately. Evelyn is a first grader now plus we had some business in the house that we had to deal with. That's why you guys did not see me. But ,I haven't forget you. Today I gonna write about things that happened in the past month in one post. Sounds good? Alright, here we go.
Everyone knew that it's Halloween. We went out for trick or treat just like every year. And this year the result was fantastic. We met some new neighbors and got a big bag of candy at the end of the night. All my kids were having fun. I think it's a very good memory to them.
The days were getting shorter and shorter. It went completely dark before 5:30 PM. I usually don't have a schedule for grocery shopping. Today we went out before dinner time. The stores were almost close. But that was the time for good deals. There was a store selling mushroom for $0.99 per pound and the lady in that store wanted me buy all her mushroom, I only bought three pounds. That's the maximum amount I could handle.
It's Veteran's Day. We usually don't do much on this day. We just went to the park. The kids had fun by playing with sand. I took some pictures when I saw a homeless guy had a rooster as a pet. My kids were so excited. They have been eating countless chicken in their lives. But it's very rare to see a live one.
It is Friday The Thirteen today. I am surfing the HK Yahoo blog just like usual. All of a sudden ,my computer goes freeze. The computer acts like all of the memories are not there. I know that the audio sound funny lately. It's still working but up to this point. The Chinese Window XP is not running at all and I don't have the recovery disc in hand. I only can find the English o/s disc. So I can only type English now. Oh well, if you want a translation. Go to google language tool get it translate into Chinese. 可以用 Google 翻譯回中文! Good luck.
The neighbor next door mentioned about the blackberry in the park to Evelyn couple days ago. Since then, she's been bugging me for going to the park for blackberry picking. Alright, today is sunny so I bring her and Fanny to the park to see if we could find any. I know it is out of the season, did not have much hope. But we still can find a handful of blackberry. The girls are so excited. They can not wait to show them to Daddy.
Today is sunny. We go out in the afternoon for grocery shopping. Right when we turn to the corner we see some neighbors doing garage sale. I am not addicted to shopping. Therefore I did not buy anything. Just my kids being curious to see what they are selling. The lady there was generous enough to give them a butterfly napkin holder as a complimentary gift. And she also put some bluster on Evelyn's face. That's give her rosy cheeks. Oh my, I guess there is no free lunch in this world.