Friday, June 24, 2011

Solar City Turn Me Down

       I heard about Google is giving 280 millions dollars to Solar City for helping homeowners to install solar panels.  I called up Solar City to inquire what is the cost for installing one on my roof, I gave they my address.They asked me what kind of roof do I have,and what was my credit rate, and then they asked me what was the usage of the electricity . And then they had to hang up and call me back . After a moment, they called back and they said I am not qualify. They did not even come to my house, they just saw the image on Google Earth, they said my roof was not sufficient for solar panels. It was because they need 250 square feet of the roof that facing south. And my roof was an a-roof that has a hip in the middle, therefore my roof cannot product enough power for the house. And they said I am not qualify. Is that mean most of the homes in San Francisco are not qualify for this program? Where the Google money goes to? Going back to Silicon Valley?  What is the purpose of Google? Helping homeowners in one area?  Or Solar City gets to pick and choose?