Sunday, December 4, 2011


It's time updating my blog before the world has forgotten us.  Year 2011 is almost over, let's review what had happened in these 365 days. First, we finally had evicted the roommate who had not paying for quite a while. The process was not easy, we had some dramatic moments. Second, I got my new look , that's because of my dental problem, I've got some fixing on my face. Isn't it shaking news? But, oh boy, I look good now. My awful husband even said, I look better than when I first met him. Isn't  he so straight forward?  Hope everyone had a wonderful year.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Being a Buddhist

If someone was living in your house as a guest, would you just let this person stay and without paying? I might, I might not. (I'm not trying to say I am generious, the thing is, there are certain things that are not under my control.) That's depends on situation. But there must be a time limit. It cannot be going on forever. I mean, there must be a deadline. You can not just let this go on and forget about it. You have to check on that person's situation. Is he going to find a job? Or is he well? Is the room turning into a landfill? You don't want a dead body laying on your property and turn stink, right?  Even thougt you are trying to be a Buddhist. You have responsibility to end this matter.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Solar City Turn Me Down

       I heard about Google is giving 280 millions dollars to Solar City for helping homeowners to install solar panels.  I called up Solar City to inquire what is the cost for installing one on my roof, I gave they my address.They asked me what kind of roof do I have,and what was my credit rate, and then they asked me what was the usage of the electricity . And then they had to hang up and call me back . After a moment, they called back and they said I am not qualify. They did not even come to my house, they just saw the image on Google Earth, they said my roof was not sufficient for solar panels. It was because they need 250 square feet of the roof that facing south. And my roof was an a-roof that has a hip in the middle, therefore my roof cannot product enough power for the house. And they said I am not qualify. Is that mean most of the homes in San Francisco are not qualify for this program? Where the Google money goes to? Going back to Silicon Valley?  What is the purpose of Google? Helping homeowners in one area?  Or Solar City gets to pick and choose?    

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mean Gardener in Botanical Garden

         We were in that place the other day because of the field trip. I saw a lot of elementary school kids there. Some were following the flock, some were chasing each other, some were sitting on the lawn. No one was paying attention to gardeners expect the staffs who were leading the tours. We were following a tour which was introducing the plants to us. Some of the kids walked outside the path to see the plants, I knew that we were not suppose to do that, I was trying so hard to stop them, <<< all of a sudden >>> there was a gardener jumped out of nowhere scolding at us like a lion pounding. All the kids were startle by this big version of Yosemite Sam. This made everybody screaming and crying at the same time. I was surprised by such an act. That made me wondering. Would this guy does the same thing to other visitors? If so, I'm sure he will chase away a lot of tourists and ruin the reputation of the city too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Forgot How To Write English

    I'm not kidding. It's really hard to begin this post. First, it's been almost two months I have not writen any English, and then I have to come up with a topic.  my mind was completely block. Actually, I have been reading a lot lately. Books from my kids' school. Right, children books. They are very easy to read, good for a person who speak English as a second language which is --- me. One of the books is call "The Terrible Wave". I think the teacher was inspired by the Japan's earthquake.  She has assigned it to my son. I got to read it too, The story occured in late 1800's. There was a rich little girl who had never suffer any poverty before, but one day, there was a big flood occurred without any warning. All of a sudden, half of the people died in her town. The writing is brilliant. I kept picturing  it what will it's like if I were there when I was reading it. (That's remind me there was a movie, which play by Gene Hackman. The movie is about a big ship which was capsized and all the people inside were trying to get out of the ship, I forgot the movie's name, but anyway,)  I strongly recommend this book to everyone.  

Friday, February 25, 2011

Positive Energy

      I don't know why every time when I write about bad things that had happen to me  I would write faster. Maybe it because of my mood,  I know I should not pass it on to the internet because someone out there may affect by me, sorry.  What can I say, I'd tried to write positive things like about my children, that's right, I still have a lot of good things to write, such as how my children do funny things. That's it. There is ton of fun stuff of my children. I keep telling myself be positive, be positive,be positive.........

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

   After I watched this video, I have to say , Hong Kong really earns it's name as "a pearl of Asia". The spectacular New Year light displays that make everybody want to be there.