Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Time flies when you are having fun. 2016 is almost over. There was a lot of things had happened in 2016, good ,bad and surprises. They all passed just like time. Thank God.We are so blessed that we are doing OK.  As the time goes by, we all will be aging. The kids will grow up. They are already becoming more mature . I am so grateful that we live in a good neighborhood. So many good people among us. As a human being friendship is very important.   Be able to interact with others can make you smile . People from school, church, market ,store, even from online. It works. So , go out talk to people, be cheerful. The more you do it , you will be happier. Trust me. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hawaii Five-0 2016

I am watching this show tonight. I know it is a cop drama but the cops in this show do not do their work by book. Policemen are human . We make mistakes, sometimes we affect by others.  What if some police officers copy that kind of behavior? It is bad enough in our society nowadays. We just don't want this kind of garbage on TV. The old Hawaii Five-0 is way better.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Mercy Before Judging

There were too many tragic incidents had happened in the past year. Plus, in the first day of 2016, I lost a neighbor. That's remind me life is so uncertain. Be a good person is what God's will. From here I would like to remind everyone that this is The Year of Mercy. There are 7 acts of mercy, you will find it in this reading today I am presenting to you.            
Click this >>>> Mercy In The City   By the way, happy new year.