Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spammers Attacking Hong Hong Yahoo

There are thousands and thousands of spams getting into the Hong Kong Yahoo Blog everyday. It seems like Yahoo can not do anything about it. Why Hong Kong Yahoo being target? It's because they have been very successful. Hundreds of thousands of people are browsing everyday. The spammers put virus in the blog and steal people information. Scary ,huh? And the Hong Kong Yahoo is so stupid. Most of the functions are down for weeks even months. You tell me. Could this be happen in other social networking sites? What a shame! If they don't fix it soon. I'm going to boycott the entire Yahoo service.

Friday, March 26, 2010

How Bad is Our Economy?

Mr J is a thirty years old guy who just move here from Michigan. He told his roommates that he could not find a culinary job in SF in the past four months. And he keeps telling his roommates that he will come up with the money for the rent by next Friday. There were three fridays has gone by, no money anywhere in sight. But he has cable TV with all the channels in his room and he sits outside the house smoking weed. Where does he get the money for all this? Medical? Food stamp? Is he bullshiting, or not?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rally For the National School Fund Cutting Day

I was riding my bike home from the grocer this afternoon, right when I was crossing the Geary St, I saw a group of children and teachers protesting at the corner. The drivers seem support their action. They honked their horn to show support. That made me feel sorry for the children. They are our future. They don't deserve being reduce the quality of the education. The downturn of the economy really affecting every single one of us. Even the US government itself had to cut budget on every departments. But I think education should be the last thing to be put on the chopping board.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Scion XD

We took a Scion XD from the City Car Share for a spin on the Chinese New Year . The car looks small but actually it's not small at all. The interior is very roomy. And the performance is surprisingly good. The little car with full of people in it, it still can go up hill swiftly. It's my next dream car.