Friday, May 27, 2011

Mean Gardener in Botanical Garden

         We were in that place the other day because of the field trip. I saw a lot of elementary school kids there. Some were following the flock, some were chasing each other, some were sitting on the lawn. No one was paying attention to gardeners expect the staffs who were leading the tours. We were following a tour which was introducing the plants to us. Some of the kids walked outside the path to see the plants, I knew that we were not suppose to do that, I was trying so hard to stop them, <<< all of a sudden >>> there was a gardener jumped out of nowhere scolding at us like a lion pounding. All the kids were startle by this big version of Yosemite Sam. This made everybody screaming and crying at the same time. I was surprised by such an act. That made me wondering. Would this guy does the same thing to other visitors? If so, I'm sure he will chase away a lot of tourists and ruin the reputation of the city too.