Friday, December 20, 2013

We Are Starting To See The Light

As I said, my children were took away from me 21 months ago due to some family Issues. We had gone through this ordeal, finally we were told that we are OK to reunion. In the past 21 months, I have found there was a place that it would open its door to anyone who are in despair, anyone who is almost jump off the cliff ,this place has someone in it , someone would listen to you, and console you. That is St Ignatius Church of San Francisco. I always believe that church is the place for despairing people. And I was right. I had found the right place, I had found my believe. That is Catholic Church. Every times when I look at Jesus's picture, that remind me how God loves us. And when we are busy making living, we forget love. We need reminders constantly that we need love and to love. It is because without love, we are nothing. Merry Christmas.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The San Francisco West City Target Store

       Well, since the kids don't live with me anymore, I have found a way to distract myself which is cleaning the house. But no one will pay me  for doing it. I found that if I had a job, then I would get pay for doing it to spend my leisure time. Recently, there is a Target store had open in my neighborhood. I went up there two months ago when they had a job fair. I filled up an application and got an interview right away. They liked me and hired me. Therefore, I became a Target employee. The job was an entry level position but I enjoy being employed. It made me feel like I am still useful. That gave me an identity beside being a housewife.So, I worked very hard , tried to please the company. I have seen a lot of new things in this US working environment. Humor me, it was my first job in USA. Target store does want to take care its employee in many different ways ,things like free snacks free , big break room (but small locker for short time storage).   Co-workers were courteous to each other, that made me feel like home.
      But, big corporation still has its cold sides, sometimes they overlook human kindness. Small things like when employees had major changes in their lives. They do want to change work schedule. But, after someone had tried talk to several leaders in the team, the employee still did not get an answer. Finally, it ended up, that employee had to resign.
   Tell you the truth, I personally would not shop in Target store. It is because I, as an honest person would have to pay for other dishonest people who are shop thieving in the store. Believe me, I had seen a lot of thieves. And when the alarm went off, nobody care. It is so easy to walk off with things without paying.
    But, I as a Catholic, I keep the seventh commandment---- Do Not Steal.      

Thursday, August 8, 2013

CPS Take Away Blogger's Children

         It has been 17 months since my children were removed from my home. The initial reason was that CPS think my house has a lot of junk. I was so surprise they took my children. I thought if I worked hard I would get them back. After 2 months of effort , I clean out the whole house, CPS said I was very cooperated.  But they said there were some other issues. It went on and on for 17 months now.
        CPS said all the family members have some kind of behavior issues. I feel like being pick on, I mean , nobody is perfect, what is CPS expecting for a family act like? Children never argue? Parents never make mistakes?
        The kids are getting very frustrated. We all losing hope , we think our voices are suppressed. The kids are  not allow to talk about how they are living now. The children are caught in the middle. It is not healthy to the children. CPS is only protecting the foster mom, even some red flags have gone up which noticed by the service providers. But the social worker is threatening will not return the children.
        I am not asking too much. I just want what best for the children which is let them come home. Human Service Agency should have humanity.